Flamingo Handmade Birthday Card | Personalised Birthday Card | Happy Birthday Flamingo For Her


Tutu color: Pink
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***You can now send this directly to the recipient. Steps are:1.Mark as Gift2. Include your message in the comment box (or message me)3. Include address where you would like it sent (comment/address/message me)-----------------------------------------This birthday card was originally inspires by my own little party flamingo. We all love flamingos, so what better way to show your friend you care, then a flaming in a tutu.This birthday card has become a popular purchase for many and is one of the best sellers here on Tiny KrafterMade with glitter, tissue paper and some necklace letters, it is a card that will definitely put a smile on everyone's face!Flamingos now come with 4 different tutu options:Pink- the originalPurple- the royalTurquoise- the sassyPeach- the sweetJust choose your party flamingo and share the fun!Please do contact me if you have any questions. Card usually ships in 3-4 days.